Our System

We use a system that automates the data capture and processing of your transactions, both sales and purchases. The system includes integrated report publishing, customer payments and forecasting features of linked applications. Multiple data entry is eliminated, reducing errors and underpinning the accuracy of reports.

Our system includes the main elements below. You will find we work from left to right, starting with automated data entry and finishing with budgeting and forecasting. You might not need all elements, except Xero, which you will need!

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Hubdoc is for easy, quick, reliable data capture.

Xero includes all your  transactions and has an easy-to-use system for invoicing your customers. It also provides a wide range of financial reports to enable you to see your finances at the touch of a button. We also use Xero to complete and submit VAT and end of year filings.

GoCardless enables more reliable payments from your customers. You control payments, ensuring that you eliminate uncertainties about unpaid invoices.

Float provides more elaborate financial reports, including budgeting and cash flow forecasts, with tremendous graphics. As with the other applications, it is integrated with Xero and is particularly useful for organisations undergoing high levels of change, such as high levels of growth.