How we work

You choose how you would like to work with us. There are three basic ways

Xero Support

We help you do your own bookkeeping, providing training, support and mentoring.

Ongoing Xero Support

We do part of your bookkeeping, leaving you, for instance, to do your own invoicing.

To find out more about Xero, click here.


We manage all your bookkeeping requirements.

What this means for you

More time

Doing your accounts takes minutes instead of hours. It’s all in one place, so there are no spreadsheets or other unlinked apps. If we are doing your accounts, we keep them up to date every day.

Better cash flow

Invoices are issued more easily, and even automatically if you wish. Payments are in your control, not your customers.

Available anywhere, any time

More reliable and accurate view of finances, available wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Tailored reports

Available at any time. Management reports, information for fund raising, compliance requirements (MTD VAT and corporation tax, RTI payroll).

End of year

Year end processes are simplified as Xero includes an integrated package that produces your end of year reports, submits them digitally and ensures compliance. Your accounts can also have access to review and adjust your submissions as required.

A tailored solution for you

We develop a bespoke arrangement for working with you, dependent on your circumstances and your needs. These arrangements are flexible so that when your business changes, as it will, we change too.

We work with you, your suppliers and your customers to move to a paperless office.

Our on-line system can be accessed from all sorts of devices, including laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone.

We work closely with you to develop, grow and protect your business. You will understand your finances and will then be able to use your knowledge of your business’s finances as a weapon in today’s competitive world.