Shorts #1 - TAB

How to be a bookkeeper - TAB

Some simple ideas for making your bookkeeping better 

This one is about being a bit quicker. After all, one of the purposes of using online apps is to save time. This applies whether you are doing your own bookkeeping or someone else’s. 

It’s really very simple.  

You will waste time by constantly flipping between your mouse and your keyboard. 

It is much quicker to stick with the keyboard. When filling in a form (new bill, new invoice etc) use the TAB key for moving to the next field in the form and SIFT + TAB for moving to the previous one. 

I often see people using the mouse to move their cursor through forms. Of course, they are used to doing it this way and are sometimes amazingly quick, but not usually. They become much quicker with TAB and SHIFT + TAB. 

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